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It's easy to fall in love. [entries|friends|calendar]
When you fall in love, you know you're done.

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How it's going to end. [03 Jan 2010|05:05pm]
He had 3 whole dollars,
a worn out car
And a wife who was leaving for good

Life’s made of trouble,
worry, pain and struggle
She wrote 'good bye' in the dust on the hood

They found a map of Missouri
Lipstick on the glass
They must of left in the middle of the nite

And I want to know the same thing
Everyone wants to know
How's it going to end?

Behind a smoke colored curtain,
the girl disappeared
They found out that the ring was a fake

A tree born crooked,
will never grow straight
She sunk like a hammer into the lake

A long lost letter and
and old leaky boat
Promises are never meant to keep

And I want to know the same thing
I wanna know
How's it going to end?

The barn leaned over,
the vultures dried their wings
The moon climbed up an empty sky

The sun sank down,
behind the tree on the hill
There’s a killer and he’s coming thru the rye

But maybe he’s the father,
of that lost little girl
It’s hard to tell in this light

And I want to know the same thing
Everyone wants to know
How's it going to end?

Drag your wagon and your plow,
over the bones of the dead
Out among the roses and the weeds

You can never go back,
and the answer is 'no'
And wishing for it only makes it bleed

Joel Tornabene,
was broken on the wheel
Shane and Bum Mahoney on the lamb

The grain was as gold,
as Sheila’s hair
All the way from Liverpool, with all we could steal

He was robbed of twenty dollars
His body found stripped
Cast into the harbour there and drowned

And I want to know the same thing
We all wanna know
How's it going to end?

The sirens are snaking,
their way up the hill
It’s last call somewhere in the world

The reptiles blend in,
with the color of the street
Life is sweet at the edge of a razor

And down in the first row,
of an old picture show
The old man is asleep, as the credits start to roll

And I want to know the same thing
We all wanna know
How's it going to end?

And I want to know the same thing
We all wanna know
How's it going to end?

And I just want to know the same thing
I wanna know
How's it going to end?
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When will you die? [29 Dec 2009|06:16pm]

All photos by Colby Vincent Edwards 2009
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Nicotine from a silver screen. [14 Dec 2009|09:09pm]

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I've seen this happen in other peoples lives, [27 Aug 2009|03:52am]
and now it's happening in mine.
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Fuck it. [11 Aug 2009|03:40pm]
I'm starting my own company. We're opening an LLC this week. Fuck waiting around for other people, I'm not working under anyone. Here we go, life starts here!
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You make me smile so god damned much, [02 Aug 2009|02:59am]
it scares me.

Damn you.
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Flick your cigarette and just [12 Jun 2009|12:35pm]
kiss me.
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I'm at that point in my life. [31 May 2009|02:18am]
I get it. People are cruel. How many times do you have to make me realize?
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Fuck, fuuuuuuuck! [16 May 2009|08:59pm]
Take me out back and shoot me. Please. Fuck today! Everyone is being a fucking asshole.
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You can't have any gal that you want... [16 May 2009|03:28am]
and you should know it! You're in the box, you're done. Ciao!
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Fuck fuck fuck. [13 May 2009|01:38am]
I've never been so mother fucking pissed off in my whole life, never.
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I'm okay [08 Apr 2009|05:07pm]
I miss Chris, I'm done with boys for now.

My roommate is very happy right now, I love to see her smile, it makes me happy. I'll live through that happiness.

I leave for London at the end of the year.
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Internet! [05 Mar 2009|12:30pm]
Things are going great here at Villa Nicole. I'm going to post a long, picture filled entry soon. My last couple months in Arizona have been amazing so far.

I met someone!
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I'm baaack! [13 Jan 2009|06:00pm]
so I moved into my new place. I'm bored as shit, and that is exactly what I wanted ... time to sit around. finally pirated some internet, so here are some pictures of our cute place via macbook photobooth (my camera was stolen at our housewarming party, I think).

first, new tattoo. getting more done this week, two more big roses, I don't know if I want to color them in yet or not, kind of liking the black and grey.

here is our tv business, this view is as if you were sitting on the couch with your feet up on the coffee table.

seating ...

the kitchen-shelf-island thing, we still need to get bar stools for it, but it's still cute as fuck!

and this is just so cute, the walls are half white brick half normal.

I forgot to take pictures of the couch, and the rooms and the bathroom, but my macbook battery is fucked so I can stray too far from the charger.

that's it for now, I'm going to go make pasta with falafel. I'm sure I'll be back on the internet in two fucking minutes because my plan to be bored worked.
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Get ready to rock [27 Nov 2008|12:18pm]
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Every time I come home [15 Nov 2008|08:48pm]
there is a different trinket on my welcome mat.
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And here we go. [15 Nov 2008|04:27am]
I'm not strapped in for this ride, but I'm holding on tight.
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Latest fashion trend .. [02 Nov 2008|10:00am]
I'm close to blowing up my sewing machine and throwing my phone out the window, which will ensure sleeping, Rip Van Winkle style.
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right now [01 Oct 2008|02:49pm]
right now, i feel like all that i have to look forward to is my fashion show. i need change, i need something new, i need a city ... the city.
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i have a confession [16 Sep 2008|11:20pm]
hello, my name is kelly calabrese and i am addicted to falafel.
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